I have been reviewing international phone options the past few days due to increased travels from the US to Germany and Asia. In the past we have paid Verizon for global roaming or rented their BB global devices. Looking at offers in some of the visited locations, it appears that US carriers are intentionally crippling international capabilities. Additionally, with Verizon (company plan, though I personally use the iPhone) we are CDMA device bound.

I am investigating the purchase of a few unlocked quad band gsm smart phones for our frequent travelers. The holdup at the moment is the ability to acquire pre-paid SIM cards for the different destinations. I have a solution for India, but have encountered some difficulty in finding a solution for Germany that will enable both voice and data (primarily for e-mail) so that the travelers can have their Zimbra mobile syncing wherever they go.

Any advice from users in the far reaches of the world?