Despite the kicking and screaming in the forums it is apparent the server portion of IM in ZCS will be gone for good in v8.

I have been unable to find a road map for version 8 anywhere or I wouldn't be posting but I have a couple questions I am hoping that some one has the answers.

1.) Can anyone tell me what the UI in the client will include in v8?

2.) Will we still have presence icons? This is a great feature when people compare functionality with Lync.

3.) Will you be able to pass documents around through it?

4.) What servers will the client side communicate with? We are hoping for something that has enterprise controls such as ejabberd or openfire.

5.) Will the ZCS be supported if it is installed on the same machine as the IM server?

6.) Will the client side be deployed within the program itself or will it be deployed through a zimlet?

7.) Will the authentication work seamlessly through zimbra/spnego or will the clients have to re-authenticate to the IM server?

Thanks in advance!!