Sure, adding SMIME is neat, but it took quite awhile to implement, certainly longer than originally communicated. But reading through the 7.2 release notes, I saw more features being removed than added - and it just doesn't give a (positive) feel for where VMware is taking the product. For example:

- IM server is being removed. I've seen the arguments, but regardless, that is a feature that many have used/still use.

- Posix/Samba extensions being removed, to the zimlet gallery for "support by the community". To be fair, I have not seen much in the way of engagement with the 'community' recently (at least before you would see some wiki articles, announcements, and what seemed like a more public airing in bugzilla). So is this feature - which we use - to die on the vine as soon as ZCS 8 is released?

- ZDesktop is going to be EOL'd in a future release... "The technology choices to provide offline access to Zimbra have expanded since the release of Zimbra Desktop 1.0". Really? What exactly are technology choices? Because for non-Outlook users, Zimbra Desktop actually does a pretty good job.