Hello Zimbra Dev Community,

We are a SaaS CRM software company that is looking for someone who can connect our CRM data to Zimbra by way of a Zimlet and some easy-to-use functional interaction between Zimbra and GreenRope, our platform. Because GreenRope includes calendaring, file storage, event management, project management, and more, we would like to eventually extend the Zimbra integration to cover all of these points.

Our API is fully developed - we just need someone (or people) who can connect Zimbra, so that a user in Zimbra can view CRM data and make updates our CRM data from within Zimbra.

If you have experience making Zimlets and are NOT a flake (meaning you and/or your company can dedicate the resources to see this project through and support it), please contact me at lars@greenrope.com.

It might be a good idea to check out Business Marketing Software | Small Business Marketing | CRM & Email Marketing | GreenRope to get a sense of what we do. We are a small, privately funded company that has been around for 12 years and are looking to grow through integrations like this.

Thank you,
Lars Helgeson
Founder, GreenRope