Dear Zimbra

I have now tried to get in touch with you the last 14 days. Both via your contact form and direct mail. I get no response, nothing.

I'm working on a case that I've probably lost now, but have more lying, trouble is I do not know if you've closed shop and forgotten to close your site, or simply do not want to sell your shit.

Now I have tried to sign me into this forum, to see if I could get an e-mail the way through, and it works, so it is not for technical reasons there is obstruction, but your indifference or lack of interest.

I hope with this post to have aroused interest, as I will hear from you very soon.

In order to avoid having to find my data in a database that may no longer be accessed, you can write to me at, othervise I will allow myself to question whether Zimbra is a serious partner at all.

Read your mails damit, how hard can it be.

Source Supply
Lars Kann