Several weeks ago, bugzilla software was updated on the Zimbra product management server, at Zimbra Product Management Portal

That's great, however, all the votes associated with bugs and enhancements appear to have been lost upon the upgrade!

Also, the list of bugs fixed, or to be fixed, for each release and .point release (i.e 8, and 8.0.7) is now missing from - selecting a specific current or previous release, or a forthcoming point release now shows no bugs at all!

Also, as a consequence of the missing votes for each bugs, the list of top-voted enhancements at is now empty.

Also, the list of 'my filed RFE's" if a user is logged in.

So, now tracking progress with Zimbra is even harder than before (and it was never easy!), and years of community voting for desired improvements has vanished.

Is this a blip? Are the votes gone forever? Will the release information be resurrected?