Hi there!

Just found out Zimbra after we got the need to upgrade the mail/collaboration needs of the company I work for. Just one word: amazing!

Currently, our solution is quite simple: hMailServer + Windows Server 2008 R2 domain network (serving files + AD, auth), with MS Outlook 2010 clients fetching e-mails via IMAP. Not really any "collaboration": no shared contact list, calendar or tasks. Since we need to move to something more powerful, some guys suggested Exchange. I said no. And I'm way more "at home" with Linux than with Windows. Zimbra seems like a great choice. :)

Got CentOS running on a VM with a copy of ZCS FOSS. Can tweak every knobs, send and receive e-mails, auth with Windows AD, ... Now I can show my boss a real live demo of how great ZCS is.

But, as you know, bosses are not willing to accept changes easily. Because of that, I spent some time fiddling and searching around to evaluate whether (and how close) I could make ZCS behave like our current solution. Already got many things done, but some I'm still struggling to find out. I'll try to enumerate my "requirements" (not really, just things that would be nice to get working with Zimbra) and what I found to be the solution. If someone could give a tip whether I'm doing it right (or horribly wrong hehe), or another better way, I would be very grateful!

I'll list the "*": how it is now; followed by "-": how I think it can be done on Zimbra.

* Every employee have the company wide e-mail (e.g. corp@corp.com) and its personal (e.g. foo@corp.com) configured in Outlook. For 90% of the time, he/she must use the company box. Because of that, the outgoing e-mail must come from corp@corp.com with the company name in the from field (i.e. "Company <corp@corp.com>").

- Shared folders. It seems that I need to create a user/mailbox to the company e-mail and share it with every employee. This way, he/she can logon in its own account and access the company e-mail. But how to send from the company mailbox? Read about the "on behalf of", but found no way to send a mail from the shared account. Everything I have is a subfolder on foo@corp.com with the corp@corp.com contents. What about that child/parent account thing? Is it almost the same thing? Is there a way to send from a different email & name? Something related to personas?

* No shared contact list. We need one.

- The GAL seemed the right choice (global!), but it seems it's not for general contacts, but rather a list of every *internal* user. We need a list that works on autocomplete and have an user (maybe just a specific one) that can edit the list that will be available for every ZCS account. So, the solution is, create a normal contact list on corp@corp.com and share it with every user, right?

* Our mail server uses our hosting company mail server, so we relay our outgoing email to them, and downloads the messages from external boxes via POP3 to hMailServer.

- Relaying outgoing e-mail is already working. I noticed a user can add an external account to his Zimbra's. This can work, but a separate folder to this account is created. Would like to messages be delivered transparently to Zimbra account. Fetchmail, right?

* We use the font "Arial" for our e-mails.

- Zimbra editor doesn't features one which translates to Arial. Can it be added? This should be added to COS and even disabled, so the users don't change it.

Additionally, just a silly one: is possible to hide the "clip" icon when there are just inline attachments? I mean, make it appear only when there are "real" files.

Sorry for the long text. If someone can send a tip or another, it would help a lot.