Hi all,
I wonder if there is any news on Zimbra 9?

I can remember it was announced for autumn last year, then postponed to spring this year, then postponed to summer (which is very close?). However, given there are no request for beta testers, I assume there will be more delay?

Once Zimbra Desktop was announced to be Future-EOL and to be replaced with browser caching technology (causing hard debates any time it came up). It is still open how things continue? I can remember reading somewhere that there re tries to replace Prism with Chromium – so will ZD live on?

Also “new” free technology like z-Push and openchange is available making a replacement for Exchange really possible without any license charges.

I think I made my point: It would be nice to get more insight of where Zimbra 9 is heading and a rough estimate on when this is going to happen. I think its now over a year without any news…