I had the connector running properly on my FC6 client machine and have just built out an F7 box. The rpm I used on FC6 was intended for Evo 2.8 nd F7 has Evo 2.10 so I built from source. I have a clean build and install and have the Zimbra Account Setup plugin enabled but when I attempt to create a new calendar pointed at the Zimbra server as I did from the FC6 client there is no option for a Zimbra calendar. I'm suspecting this is a stupid user trick on my part but am stumped. I have tried disabling and re-enabling the Account Setup plugin, doing an make uninstall (which I confirmed took out the Account Setup plugin) a make clean, bootstrap.sh, make, make install but no joy. Still have a Zimbra Account Setup plugin enabled but no option to create a Zimbra calendar from the New Calendar dialog. Any suggestions welcomed.