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Thread: Missing Evolution Connector Bugs

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    Default Missing Evolution Connector Bugs

    I had two e-mails this morning announcing that my votes had been pulled from two bugs (Reason: This bug has been moved to a different product)
    The bugs in question were:
    [Bug 13810] Evolution Connector doesn't sync attachments on appointments
    [Bug 13792] Evolution Connector needs to handle shared calendars/contacts
    Trying to view those bugs now displays access denied errors.
    Searching in Bugzilla for "evolution" doesn't display anything obviously linked to those bugs. Searching the forums and main website also doesn't reveal any announcements that I can find linked to anything that may have happened to the Evolution Connector.
    Does anyone know where those bugs have been moved or what may be happening to the Evolution Connector?



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    Sorry. I guess I was a few hours ahead of the announcement. I hope this spells good things for the connector and not the end of it!

    Thanks for the prompt response. You've answered my question.



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