Lately, we've been involved in things like Zimbra J2ME client, Zimbra Desktop, Zimbra 5.0, and many other things we're working on.

We haven't been maintaining the Evolution Connector like we should, so we've made the License LGPL, and have pushed everything to SourceForge. We want to insure that this project keeps going, and doesn't just die.

We encourage anyone interested in becoming a SF Project Manager, to contact me (jholder@zimbra.com), and you can help steer that project.

We will keep our Evolution Forum open, and Zimbra Moderators and Employees will continue to reply to posts as we can.

All bugs from Zimbra's bugzilla have been moved to SourceForge, and all Evolution Connector Downloads will be hosted on Sourceforge.

This way, the connector can keep growing with community backing, along with Zimbra.

Evolution Connector : https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=205508

-The Zimbra Team