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Thread: ZCS Evolution Connector 0.1 released

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    Default ZCS Evolution Connector 0.1 released

    The first public domain release of the ZCS Evolution Connector, version 0.1, is now available for download at:

    About ZCS Evolution Connector

    Zimbra for Evolution allows two-way, online/offline synchronization of email, addressbook and calendar data with a Zimbra server. Email is handled through the standard IMAP protocol. Address book and calendar data are handled through Zimbra's SOAP APIs.

    After installing the plugins and extensions, users can select accounts of type "Zimbra Collaboration Suite" and their emails, contacts and appointments will show up in Evolution.

    What's New in 0.1

    * This is the first formal release since the ZCS Evolution Connector
    was dedicated to the public domain.

    * Builds against current Evolution releases (2.12 and 2.21).

    * Bugs fixed in this release include:

    SF #1844149: Patch for Evolution 2.12 and beyond
    SF #1848712: addressbook/: replace deprecated function
    SF #1848719: calendar/: fix some warnings and indentation
    SF #1848721: eplugin/: fix indentation and update function call
    SF #1848723: libezimbra/: fix compile-time warnings and crasher

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release:

    Ben Kahn
    Emil Soleyman
    the Red Hat Help Desk folks

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    Welcome to the forums.

    Thanks to all that have worked on this project, I'll look forward to giving it a whirl at the week-end.


    Acompli: A new adventure for Co-Founder KevinH.

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    Just go it loaded up with on Gentoo with Evolution 2.12.3, I had to use .3 otherwise it wouldn't compile. I've created a small ebuild (nothing to it really) and I will go ahead and move it up to bugzilla.

    If you decide to use SSL with SOAP, be sure to change the port to 443 (or the ssl port you setup on your server)

    Seems to work, contact and calendar events sync up. I'm getting some errors on the IMAP connection one about UID store, and something else ... I'll create another thread on that since it should just be using IMAP and probably isn't related to evolution-zimbra.

    Gentoo Bug 211208 - Zimbra Collaboration Suite Evolution Connector.

    UPDATE :: The UID store error was a problem of zimbra, upgrading to 5.0.2 fixed it
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    Yes, work fine my too!!!. Thanks.

    Desktop: Ubuntu Hardy Beta.
    Server: Ubuntu Server 6 LTS; Zimbra Open Source Edition 5.0.4

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    I just compiled it, to test (Ubuntu 7.10), thanks to the wiki article.

    Half of it work : I can see ZCS' "Calendar" and "Contacts" (in the Evolution's Calendar and Contacts part) but they are empty : nothing in my calendar and no contact in the contact list.

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