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Thread: Encoding problems with utf8

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    Default Encoding problems with utf8

    I'm trying to connect to Zimbra calendar using Evolution's 2.24 plain CalDAV, but when I use utf8 characters in summary (or any other field), it's not loaded from the server correctly. (One should remove cache to refetch item next start.) The previous utf8 characters are just a garbage.

    Evolution is using simple GET request like this:

    I tried from the FireFox too, and only the Resource Name line is showing correct letters, not the item body, neither the <displayname /> part of the page in the FireFox.

    There is one possibility how to get this receive properly, when asking for calendar data in the "calendar-query" request, but I believe this is some sort of bug on the Zimbra side, because I had a chat with other CalDAV developer and he said that the GET should always return the same thing which has been PUT, but it doesn't for Zimbra. The good thing is that the web UI shows characters also correctly, nonetheless if the fetching on client side doesn't work as is suppose to, then it doesn't matter much.

    Can you check please? Thanks in advance.

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    Default bug 35906 added

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