I am running zimbra on a ubuntu 8.04 lts server

zmcontrol -v: Release 5.0.11_GA_2695.UBUNTU8 UBUNTU8 FOSS edition

On my Laptop I am running Evolution 2.24.2 on Ubuntu 8.10.

I have downloaded the 0.1.1 versionof the evolution connector from sourceforge. I changed the path as decribed in


and the plugin shows up in Evolution and I can configure it, however, neither the calendar nor the contacts work.

Contacts don't work at all. I do not see an error message or anything. It simply does not sync with my zimbra account.

The Calender returns the following error messages:

Error at »zimbra://username@myzimbraserver:80/10«:
Unable to go online

and then

Error at »zimbra://username@myzimbraserver:80/10«:
Authentication failed

Unlike suggested in this post:


I disabled all encryption to make sure that the problem still exists.

I also downloaded the latest svn snapshot of the Evolution Connector, however, inside the trunk folder there was no bootstrap.sh file, so I was unable to install that.

So does anyone have any ideas where the problem might be with the 0.1.1 connector not working and how to compile the latest svn snapshot? Thanks in advance for your answers.