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Thread: Evolution Connector not working with Evolution 2.24.2 and Ubuntu 8.10

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    Default Evolution Connector not working with Evolution 2.24.2 and Ubuntu 8.10


    I am running zimbra R5.0.11_GA_2695.Ubuntu8 Ubuntu8 FOSS edition on a Ubuntu 8.04 server.

    On my laptop I am running Ubuntu 8.10 with Evolution 2.24.2.

    I downloaded the connector version 0.1.1 from Sourceforge, compiled it and installed it. Then I moved the plugin files to the /usr/lib/ folder like described in one of the other posts here.

    I set up the connector inside Evolution, however, it does not sync the contacts with the zimbra server and when trying to connect to the calander, there are 2 errors, "unable to go online" and "authentication failed". Another posts suggests that it might be a problem with the encryption used, however, my server is running in the "both" mode, allowing encrypted and unencrypted connections.

    Does anyone have an idea where the problem is?

    PS: I have the same problem with the current svn snapshot after compiling it.
    PPS: Using Ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop and the compiled .deb connector everything works fine with my server... however, I want to use Ubuntu 8.10...
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