I have two accounts that receive IM add/accept invitations requested by the server itself every time the users login or change IM status - offline then online again. So far, I've tried the following to identify and correct the odd invitations that originate from the server host name.

  • Accept and Add
  • Accept
  • Deny
  • Restarting Zimbra - zmcontrol stop / start
  • Restarting the server
  • Changed zimbraFeatureIMEnabled: TRUE from TRUE to FALSE and back again
  • Upgraded from ZCS 5.0.11 to 5.0.13

None of these have cleared the IM invitation from the server. Just to clarify, the IM invitation appears as soon as the users login and the buddy sending the request is the actual server for which there is no account, alias, or user defined. The IM invitation appears at login or IM state change (from offline to online) as:

servername.local.domain.com Wants to add you as a buddy [Accept and Add] [Accept] [Deny]
*Where servername.local.domain.com is the host name of the Zimbra server.