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Thread: FC6 RPM & Ubuntu 6 DEB

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrootd View Post
    Hi -
    I'm running evo 2.6.1 under ubuntu dapper.
    I can't seem to get the evolution-zimbra_5.0.0_BETA1_721.UBUNTU6_i386.deb
    installed correctly.
    Here is my error:

    gdebi ./evolution-zimbra_5.0.0_BETA1_721.UBUNTU6_i386.deb
    /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/apt/ FutureWarning: apt API not stable yet
    warnings.warn("apt API not stable yet", FutureWarning)
    Reading package lists: Done
    Building dependency tree: Done
    Building dependency tree: Done
    Building dependency tree: Done
    Zimbra Connector for Evolution MUA
    This package is uninstallable
    Dependency is not satisfiable: glib2

    - I know I have installed libglib2 here but is this telling me that glib2 version won't work with this? I don't understand the error message.
    Any help would be must appreciated.

    - chrootd
    Yeah dude. Have you resolve this? I am encountering the eaxct same problem with my ubuntu laptop. Sigh

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    I just hit into the same dependency problem on ubuntu 7.10. Is there a solution?


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    Unhappy Me too

    Same problem here.

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