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Thread: Where can I get source code?

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    Default Where can I get source code?

    hello, anyone can tell me where to get the source code and how to build it on OpenSuse10.x?OpenSuse10.x?

    I download the source code from , but I found all files downloaded are the same, is a webpage, not code file. I need to build it and implement it on my suselinux. please help me! many thanks in advance!

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    Hi Bylong,
    We're currently having issues with our svn.
    We've tarred it up at:
    so you can download it.

    There is a bug in this particular source, so if you are using ldap replication, don't use this build.

    Also, there is a high cpu bug in this ver:

    But it didn't seem to affect most users.

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    Hello, Jholder

    Thanks for your information, but might I did not say clear, what I want is the source code for Zimbra Evolution connector. I can't download it from SVN

    I've download ZCS rpm for Suse10, installed successfully and feel it is so good. thanks for you all work on it!


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