Here is the French patch for ZCS-6.0.3 (tar or zip files from Nothing has changed from the previous one.

The installation is done as root with Zimbra running. Use the command:

The changes performed by this patch are:

- Minor changes in the language files (a few shorter labels, use of Block Notes instead of Carnet to avoid confusions with 'Carnet d'Adresses').

- Removal of the file /opt/zimbra/conf/msgs/ (it is in English and is a sub-set of the "fr" file).

- Removal of the Starxpert save zimlet. It is not working with 6.x.

- Installation of the Google translator zimlet.

- French spelling dictionary

- Instant messaging activation

- Translation of the "Quota warning" message.

- Minor change to /etc/init.d/zimbra to see what is going on upon start/stop/status.

- Set 'fr' as default language for everybody.

- Disable Yahoo bar and other Yahoo zimlets (that I find more annoying than useful).

- Modify conf/ to verify the account existence before accepting an incoming e-mail.

The installation script asks before installing each of these modifications.