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Thread: alternate use for zimbra desktop

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    Default alternate use for zimbra desktop

    If we have an office full of Zimbra users all connecting to a hosted Zimbra service somewhere, would it possible to use the Z-Desktop software or some derivative of it, on a single machine in the office, as a local cache for all the users to connect to? I think this would be a great feature to avoid installing software on each desktop pc in the office and still get the benefits of a local cache, performance boost and offline work for periods when the office internet connection may be down.
    Any thoughts on this?

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    Hi, the intention of the zdesktop product is for it to work as a desktop email application. It is equivalent to something like Outlook or Thunderbird. It is not designed to be a site caching mechanism.

    I assume the reason you are looking for a caching server as you describe is because you don't have good connection with the hosted Zimbra Server. If that's the case, please consider running a Zimbra Server locally for your office.

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