Hello, I just started using the Toaster app that comes packaged with Zimbra Desktop. I find it very promising and am very excited to find that your trying to do a couple of things that I silently said to myself "I wish Zimbra would ...".

There are a couple of things that I'd like to provide some feedback on.

First, the new mail notification seems a little bit on the broke side. While it does report new messages, it does not clear the new message status when I delete that message. This appears to be inconsistent as a few messages worked as expected but a few have not. This last one that it still reminds me is new has been deleted for about 10 hours. Mind you, this is being deleted from the live Zimbra client, not from Desktop.

Secondly, I cheered aloud when I saw that you folks provided shell integration with mailto links. I click on a mailto link and it opens a Zimbra session and starts to compose that message, kudos!

However, I did let out a muffled groan when I realized it was opening a new tab/session for each click instead of re-using the tab that was already open. Is there any way to incorporate re-use of an existing tab/session?