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Thread: Mail Filters work.... sometimes

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    Guys help me out, a similar problem but i'm not getting the desired result.
    I created a subfolder within Zimbra inbox,
    and then in mail filters I mentioned the specific email address (From) to be directed to that subfolder.

    Didn't work.

    Help needed.


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    Lightbulb I have similar case

    Hi all,

    I am using a filter which had already run for few month and it worked perfectly, there is 2 actions in the filter, first is adding a tag on the mail, second action is forward this email to another email account.

    However recently I found that when I receive the email which matches the filter, it does forward the email but not adding the tag on the mail (sometime does), and I couldn't find the email on my inbox folder, it can only be found by the email search function.

    Anyone know if I can check the log on what is happening? Or if there is any other solution for this case?

    I am using a web client of Zimbra 6.0.9 GA.

    Thanks alot.

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