Hello, I have just recently started to use Zimbra Mail and I have tried to set up the toaster to update me so that I don't have to keep the webmail open all the time. I have set it up a couple times and entered the server information and other input as indicated when you hover the mouse over the various fields. Unfortunately, the toaster doesn't seem to work and has prompted me with a "Cannot connect to server" pop up.

I just got another window as well:
"WebException: Timeout
The operation has timed-out.
at Zimbra.Client.Dispatcher.SendRequest(RequestEnvelo pe re)
at Zimbra.Toast.ZimbraSession.Auth()
at Zimbra.Toast.ZimbraSession.SendRequest(Request apiRequest)
at Zimbra.Toast.ZimbraSession.get_NewMsgs()
at Zimbra.Toast.MailboxMonitor.CheckMailbox_Internal( )
at Zimbra.Toast.MailboxMonitor.MonitorMailbox()"

If anyone might be able to help me configure my toaster correctly, it would be of great help!