A few ideas for toaster.

1) The tray icon should display something that there is new
mail waiting. Preferably I'd like to see the number of new mails
overlayed on the icon.

2) Rather than individual notifications being generated for each email
would it be possible to recycle a popup with a list of each current new email? (Take a look at Novell's popup system) There should be a limit on the number displayed in the list with maybe a scrollbar to allow browsing. I don't see a lot of value in having a seperate popup window for each message. If there is someone that likes that behavior then maybe it could
be configurable for different behaviors.

3) I'd like my notification to stay until acknowledged. Fade out is cool, but useless to me. If I get a notification while I'm gone and the time has exceeded the set threshold, the notification is gone. I may not check my email. I could as a matter of habit do a show messages from the tray icon but then the purpose of the notification is gone. As an interim hack I've set the threshold to a ridiculous maximum of 1000000. I just know there is something wasting CPU cycles counting to this number.

These issues really are a big deal and nobody seems to 'get' the function these things provide in business environments.

Also I 'm not sure how Toaster categorizes what is 'new mail'. I have a configuration where a number of internal systems pass mail to the ZImbra server. When the email reaches Zimbra it shows up as new mail in the Zimbra web client, but Toaster does not see it and never reports it.