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    Installed .78 and so far it's head and shoulders above the last version (pre .5x) I tried. However, I'm still running into several issues.

    1. During the initial setup I tried to enter all of my accounts one after the other. Unfortunately, as soon as it started syncing the first account I couldn't save a new account until that sync was complete (an error would pop up). Once the sync was done I could then save the new account, which would start syncing and prevent me from adding the next and so on.

    2. The sync time is abysmal. I'm on the same gigabit LAN as the e-mail server. On the first account I had 6k messages ringing in at around 40MB and it took over 30 minutes to complete. On my largest account with some 150MB of messages (including attachments) it fails to complete. I just get the red circle with the exclamation point - no error message that I can find and clicking "Get Mail" doesn't do anything. It also kills off the connection for all other accounts. The other accounts can be converted back to online by clicking "Get Mail". Resetting the failed account will cause it to start over, get to some unknown point, and fail again.

    3. When the sync fails the folder list disappears for that account. The only way to get it back is to close the deskop application and restart it.

    4. Is there no way to reorder the accounts? It's not in the order I entered them, or even alphabetically. I would really like to have my primary account on top, followed by lesser used accounts.

    5. The accounts frequently seem to lose connection. Again no error that I can find reported, just the red circle exclamation point. Sometimes "Get Mail" will reconnect, other times it won't. I can access the accounts via the web GUI just fine regardless of the status in Zdesktop.

    6. The reading pane won't stay off! Intermittently on any given account it will come back on. I haven't found a pattern to this but it's very annoying as I hate reading panes.

    On the plus side, the multi-account features look like exactly what I want. If I can just get all my accounts to sync I may stick with Zdesktop.
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