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Thread: Import csv Address book fails and others

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    Default Import csv Address book fails and others

    I'm trying out zDesktop beta 1 with a POP account only for now. So far it looks good and will definately fill some needs if/when we roll out ZCS 5. I've encountered a few things:
    I tried to import a csv address book file and I receive the following
    missing config file C:\zimbra\zdesktop/conf/zimbra-contact-fields.xml
    and the import fails.

    I have quite a few repeats of the following error (shortened)
    2008-02-11 17:48:03,349 ERROR [btpool0-42] [;ip=;ua=ZimbraWebC lient - [unknown] (Win)/0.0;] misc - Resource bundle "L10nMsg" not found (locale=en_US)
    java.util.MissingResourceException: Can't find bundle for base name L10nMsg, locale en_US
    Sometimes when clicking on a message the preview pane still shows the previous message.

    Tab doesn't work in the body of a message?

    Any way I could import an Outlook pst directly into the zDesktop? One way to get closer to Zimbra w/o real zimbra
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