Hi all. I have an issue with search in Zimbra Desktop .78. I try a search term (like someone's last name, for example) that is contained in both the message itself, and the header, and Desktop fails to find the message. Often, it will find other messages that contain the search term I am looking for, but not the one I need. If I scroll through my inbox, I can eventually find the messages that I am looking for (they ARE there), but even after I have found them, they won't appear in a search. All of the messages ARE in the same folder (inbox). The same messages WILL show up in a search of Zimbra's online client, but not in desktop. This makes desktop much less usable. Is there a way to reindex my Desktop mail folders? Also, I am thinking of filing this as a bug, but I'd like to make sure that it is not just something odd with regards to my unique situation. Any thoughts?