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Thread: Initial Setup, POP3 Adding Fails system failure: EOF on socket Message

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    Default Initial Setup, POP3 Adding Fails system failure: EOF on socket Message

    When adding email account, like POP, I get the following error system failure: EOF on socket

    I am sure I am adding it correctly, I have done 100's through outlook and its all the same features and questions..

    I am using windows xp x64 fully updated and the program was saved in the 32 bit programs directory to run like windows xp sp2..

    I can add google account no problem..

    The only thing I can think of is that my server is set to also work on port 26, so when adding port 26 in the box, I hit save and it goes back to port 25 giving me the error at top and stays on the same screen..

    Dunno what could be wrong.. I click on ssl and it changes it to 995 and at least lets me add the account but still does not work...

    Thank You
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