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Thread: Zimbra Desktop IMAP accounts and Cyrus IMAP

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    Default Zimbra Desktop IMAP accounts and Cyrus IMAP


    I have started to evaluate the Zimbra Desktop client used with a standard IMAP account as a way to trial the rich client and provide better offline email support for myself.

    My server is Cyrus IMAP 2.2.13, on Debian/Etch, and is working fine against Emacs/Gnus and Thunderbird.

    I have had several issues with the Zimbra Desktop client trying to sync the IMAP data. I failed to identify any existing bugs regarding the two, or any information on cyrus being a supported (or unsupported) platform.

    I am going to report the bugs but hoped that I might get some feedback on what, if any, workarounds exist?


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    Can you see any errors in the logs under <install>/log? Thanks!

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