I have a custom application that stores data in a MySQL database. I would really like to send a subset of the data to a Zimbra IMAP mailbox that my team can read. The data can be formatted with a title and content, just like a mail message. I want the mailbox to be read only, and the contents will change on a daily basis.

The custom application is written in Java, and I would prefer to use that language if another program is necessary to achieve this task. Are there plugins, connectors, zimlets, or APIs available that will allow me to either send the custom data I want to Zimbra, or have Zimbra query my database using a search algorithm and formatter to populate the mailbox?

Or... is this as simple as having my custom application send Zimbra an email for every item I want in this company-wide read only mailbox? If so, then how do I tell Zimbra when certain messages should be deleted?

Finally, I was not able to find much information on setting up shared IMAP mailboxes in Zimbra in the first place. Can anyone point me to the right documentation?

Thank You.