(I'm not sure if this belongs in the Outlook Connector subforum or here, so we'll just start here since the result is in the web client as well.)

The scenario: we're testing Zimbra Network Edition 5.0.3 with a basic install, server name "calendar.domain.com"; this will be for Calendaring only. The real email for the company is @domain.com; the Zimbra server would be added to the network as a calendar-only service and not handle the real email. We currently do this with Exchange 2003, it works OK (not great, but it works).

1) install ZCS on a RHEL5 machine using pretty much all the defaults, just stick in the appropriate values for calendar.domain.com. Add a signed cert for calendar.domain.com to overcome other free/busy issues with Outlook 2003 and SSL (works fine).

2) create two accounts and one distribution list - add the two accounts to that distribution group. "user1@calendar.domain.com" and "user2@calendar.domain.com" which belong to "group@calendar.domain.com".

3) set up the Outlook connector for both accounts (same machine or different PCs, same thing happens). Everything works as expected, meeting invites to the user and the group are in the Inbox and can be accepted, etc. Nothing strange here, everything works like it does when connected to a real Exchange 2003. Go Zimbra.

4) Now, on both accounts in each Outlook, set up a very basic Zimbra Server Rule that reads:

user1: message to user1@calendar.domain.com forward to user1@domain.com
user2: message to user2@calendar.domain.com forward to user2@domain.com

Now send a meeting invite from user1 to user2 within Zimbra using Outlook - the meeting invite is indeed forwarded to user2@domain.com normal email, but *is not* in the Inbox for user2 in Zimbra; it's just missing. Not in the trash, not accepted - just gone. Log into the web UI as user2 and the message is nowhere in sight, it's not just Outlook. But as mentioned, it *did* get forwarded to user2@domain.com.

Additionally, the meeting does not show up as tentative in the user2 calendar, and it's not even in the user1 (organizer) Inbox either. It's like it just went *poof* after forwarding and wasn't even recognized by the internal systems. ("forward and forget")

Send a meeting invite to group@calendar.domain.com -- everything works as expected except for the message forwarding, since the filter rules don't match. In the real Exchange rules there's an option "which is a meeting invite or update" that is not present in Zimbra rules, so we'd have to hack it together as a combination of rules... but I digress.

Has anyone else seen this happen and can offer advice? This server rule of course works fine in Exchange, we use it to have meeting invites forwarded off the Exchange server to the regular email; the user then knows to log in with Outlook and accept/reject that meeting. We're trying to replicate this same task with Zimbra.... is it a bug maybe?