We've decided to serve up Beta 2!: /blog/archives/2008/04/announcing_zimbra_desktop_beta_2.html

Quick rundown of what's new & fixed in Beta 2 (aka 0.84.1116):

1) Many bug fixes, especially in multi-account UI.

2) Themes now works with multi-account setup.

3) Accounts now can be reordered on the setup page & the reading pane setting is persistent.

4) Filters now work. IMAP/POP accounts can have locally run filters, & you can edit filters associated/synced with a Zimbra mailbox.

5) The coolest thing ever has been integrated - there's now drag and drop support to add attachments in composer view.

6) For Zimbra mailboxes, we now have a way to recover from sync failures that in previous builds would block sync.We now generate a failure report in the form of an email and move on. (You'll get a "Sync Failure's" folder.) If you have a previous installation that's blocked on a sync failure, sync should be able to continue after upgrading.

7) IMAP code is now more compatible with various services.

8) Gmail support now allows domain names other than gmail.com like googlemail.com, yet still can use Gmail folder mapping settings.

9) Installation process has been retooled to limit possible user mistakes.

10) The bug where outgoing messages with large attachment can leave a copy in Drafts folder after sent has been fixed.

11) We now do data migration during installation, so users running build 1083 do not need to wipe out data to start over when they upgrade.

12) New version of Prism (0.9) which is faster and more stable.

13) Auto-update capability - once we set it up hopefully you'll automatically be notified that the next release is available for download

You can grab it here: http://www.zimbra.com/products/desktop.html