Hi there!
I won't make the long story about how I feel about Oulook, so to get to the point let's say I did some search and stumble upon Zimbra. I installed it and started to try it.
I know I want to go away from Outlook but I can convince everybody. How do I get meeting request from Outlook users on my Zimbra desktop?
I know that Zimbra is ical compliant but it doesn't work quite well. I can only get meeting request from OL on Zimbra as a meeting request (means I can accept or decline it) when I first create the meeting request in OL and the forward it. If I just invite attendees even using the option "send as iCalendar" what I get in Zimbra is an empty message. I have to expressively forward it using the iCalendar format so I can receive it as a meeting request in Zimbra.
The other way around, i.e. from Zimbra to Outlook doesn't have any problem.
Any clues why I have to forward the meeting request and not just invite attendees?

Good work!