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Thread: Japanese e-mails are garbled

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    Default Japanese e-mails are garbled

    When using "Zimbra Desktop", letters/characters in title and content of Japanese font e-mails are garbled (ISO-2022-JP).

    a) charset=ISO-2022-JP
    b) charset=Shift_JIS
    c) charset=EUC-JP

    In the Server Web-Interface appears fine.
    Also Mails in UTF-8 seems OK

    Already tried solving this issue using the information provided here, no success so far:

    Tried on two PC's with zdesktop_0_84_build_1119_win32, same result, against Zimbra Server 4.55

    PS: Please allow modifications of Logo and removing of yahoo search for NE edition customers, in final release.
    Zimbra NE - Ubuntu 6.06 LTS : FC SAN

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    Hi CJ,
    I'm pretty sure there's a bug on this in bugzilla. Did you file one?

    It's a Zimbra server bug, but when fixed in Zimbra server, it will automatically be fixed in desktop.

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    Please file a bug for this. It's a VM version issue. On Mac this actually works fine. Thanks!

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