We're currently evaluating Zimbra for a Professional Network Edition deployment and while we're being constantly impressed with the suite as a whole we've found some extremely annoying factors in Zimbra Desktop.

First, the dock icon, omg it's hideous, just hideous. There's artifact anti-aliasing around the edges, no gradients, and boring.

Second, the installer. The Zimbra Desktop installer wants to install Zimbra to three places, a; ~/zimbra(main application) b; ~/Desktop/Zimbra Desktop.app and c; /Applications/Zimbra Desktop.app. Try installing Zimbra Desktop while using PHD. It constantly alerts you with permission errors about not being able to put .app in /Applications. Also, since Zimbra Desktop is designed to be installed on a per user basis (as opposed to per machine) non-priviledged users must run the installer, which results in the aforementioned problem.

Third, Zimbra Desktop paths. Why oh why is the application located in the root of the users home directory???!?!?!?! This makes life so hard for us Mac administrators!!! Here is the output of Zimbra Desktop.app->MacOS->zdesktop (note this example is in the root account)

exec /var/root/zimbra/zdesktop/./macos/prism/Prism.app/Contents/MacOS/prism -webapp /var/root/zimbra/zdesktop/./zdesktop.webapp -profile /var/root/zimbra/zdesktop/./profile
That's it?

Why can't the application be in /Applications and the user's store be located in the home directory. Or better yet, in ~/Library where it belongs. Now, I know that there is a plist that needs to be installed in each user's LaunchAgents folder so perhaps a small shell script could initiate a new user on a computer that already has the main Zimbra Desktop installed.

Having the whole zimbra desktop in the home folder makes phd run a LOT slower. It adds almost 5 mins just for checking the filesystem contents, and for those of us who like to have a simple clean home directory it makes getting out of the office harder when it comes time to sync.

This is just my two cents. And for the record, as I've already said, we are BLOWN AWAY with how amazing the Zimbra experience has been. Keep up the great work. I'm going to try and pull the Zimbra Desktop application apart so that it's more "Mac" like