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Thread: [SOLVED] Forcing a Retry of ZDesktop backend sync

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    Default [SOLVED] Forcing a Retry of ZDesktop backend sync

    When an internet connection is unavailable the ZDesktop backend (which runs as a service in WinXP) reports "offline - sync connection down:" and then doesn't try again for a while. When the connection has been down for a significant period re-tries seem to be at 10 minute intervals, if I'm reading the log file correctly.
    Is it possible to manually trigger a re-try after I take some human action to get an internet connection working, e.g moving to a location where there is a WirelessLan signal?
    It is frustrating to have to wait for 10 mins for ZDesktop to sync with the remote server. Sometimes I just don't have the 10 minutes to wait.

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    Of course. Click "Get Mail" will immediately retry. Thanks!

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