I am wondering if anybody else is having similar problems to me the issues are:

1) cannot create a new email by clicking the new button, only effecting email, new appointments etc work.
2) cannot get into the preferences by clicking the preferences button
3) I have a sync error which I will be posting in the "errors" forum later today, however I cannot not see anything obvious that has not been sync'd?
4) Some of the alarms do not seem to be shown for some calendar items even though they should be sending an alarm 10 minutes before, for example I have had 5 appointments today but only 2 alarms have been shown. Not sure though if this is connected in some way to points 2 and/or 3 above.

I am running the systems on an eeepc 4g with windows XP and the latest build of zdesktop, using server version 5.0.4 (looking at upgrading to 5.0.5 some time this week. I have reinstalled the zdesktop software after getting the same errors on a previous installation but to no avail.

Also I was running Mandriva 2008.1 Linux on the eeepc before and even in the Linux version I had the same email creating problem but I did not have sync errors, the alarms seemed to work OK and I could get in to the preferences.

Any help would be appreciated....