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Thread: Save all emails locally instead of Server

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    Question Save all emails locally instead of Server

    Hi All,

    I am using Zimbra Desktop and want to save all emails locally on the user machine. Once the email has reached Inbox of Zimbra desktop, it should be saved in a .PST like file on user system.

    Is this possible in Zimbra?

    N.B.: .PST is a file created to save emails locally when using MS Outlook.


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    Welcome to the forums (though I think we chatted the other day),

    Zimbra Desktop already saves your mail locally. Examine your zdesktop 'store' directory (drive:\zimbra\zdesktop\store\ or ~/zimbra/zdesktop/store) they're individual files indexed by a Derby database.

    If you want to move (but avoid resync - like you have a slow bandwidth & large mailbox) you can technically install the same Zimbra Desktop version on another machine, then swap out a the entire zdesktop folder with your good copy.

    If you mean archive, where mail is no longer on the server, you want to vote for this RFE: Bug 16472 - Support for local folders when syncing with Zimbra Server

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    Default how to repoint the path to zebra local file?

    any chance of being able to keep this file on a removable thumb drive? I can't find the path setting for the zimbra local file.

    thanks in advance!!

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