Hi there.

We have been evaluating ZCS network edition and Z Desktop(beta 2) in our company and I have the following questions..

1. Mac Mail (osx 10.5) client email is read directly by the Zimbra Desktop client for OSX, yet I do not leave my mail on server (we're using qpopper/Linux currently)

Why does this not happen for Outlook/ZDesktop on Wintel platforms?

Is this the case also since Zdesktop imports mailbox file formats, is the behaviour also true of Linux zimbra desktop?

2. We have 90% of our users using a mix of outlook 2002/2003.
The zimbra outlook connector only works for Outlook 2003 + later. - there are a few users who use macs and linux..

We want to give users a choice of being able to use their existing MS Outlook client or Zimbra desktop, but since the outlook zimbra connector does not work in Outlook 2002, there is no 'import' option to read either a PST file or to directly read in mail saved in Outlook 2002, plus contacts/appointments?

When will this be supported, or atleast allow OL2k users to integrate into Zimbra network edition?

We realise that they can use Zimbra webmail, or ZDesktop on Windows but why have two mail clients running at the same time?

I already considered having a ZCS desktop talking to ZCS and a pop account setup in it for users who 'leave messages on server' to the existing pop3 server, but this still does not account for email saved/sent on outlook 2k.

3. What is the difference between Zimbra desktop beta2 and the production version?

Any thoughts/ideas are gratefully appreciated.