Hi all, I've installed ZCS on a FC8 machine, and trying to hook up zimbra
desktop clients to it.

Everything proceeds OK, but when zimbra desktop starts syncronising it gets to about 16Mb for the mailbox, then the 'sync' light goes read, and says 'status:error'..

When I check c:\zimbra\zdesktop\log\mailbox.log, the relevant bit says:
(with myemaildomain substituted for my domain name)
2008-07-23 13:27:38,171 DEBUG [sync-timer-dale@myemaildomain] [] offline - resuming initial sync
2008-07-23 13:27:38,359 DEBUG [sync-timer-dale@myemaildomain] [] offline - delta: updated folder (11): ROOT
2008-07-23 13:27:38,609 DEBUG [sync-timer-dale@myemaildomain] [] offline - delta: updated folder (1): USER_ROOT
2008-07-23 13:27:38,609 ERROR [sync-timer-dale@myemaildomain] [] offline - sync failure:dale@myemaildomain
com.zimbra.common.service.ServiceException: invalid request: unknown right: p

Any ideas???

Cause it is happening after 16Mb, I'm wondering have I hit a limit in Jetty? or is it something in my ZCS server that isn't right causing it to fail after pulling down the initial data-chunk, and applying config options or something..

Any help appreciated..