I use Yahoo Mail Plus for emailing and would like to use the Zimbra desktop client.

One feature I am wondering is if I can trigger the "additional account POP checking" that Yahoo Mail has configured so that my other POP accounts are downloaded into Yahoo Mail. I dont want to download those POP accounts into my local Zimbra desktop because if I need to use Yahoo Mail on a different machine then those messages will not be available.

I also want to be able to change the "send from" email like I can in Yahoo Mail Plus. Or when I reply to a message that the "send from" is automagically from the account it was received from.

I want messages that I send thru Zimbra to be available in the Sent folder in Yahoo Mail Plus.

I want the 30+ filters I have configured in Yahoo Mail plus to be available as well.

Can Zimbra do this for me? Basically I guess I want Yahoo Mail Plus offline client. Yahoo Mail Plus does everything I want except I cannot use it offline for searching messages, sending from specific accounts...etc.


- Ivo