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    Unhappy ERROR ERROR error

    I have just installed zimbra desktop and got it going with Gmail..... Great. Except what I really wanted to do was emable it for my wifes yahoo email so she could check her emails easier.....only problem is it wont work with her login details!! Also, why cant you import your contacts from yahoo or Gmail?????? That is worse then useless!! Im about to uninstalled it, Thunderbird, Incredimail and windows mail all work no problems--- but not a Yahoo system designed for YAHOO mail!!! How about producing something that actually works!!!!! That would be a good idea!! Un-installing now!!!!!

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    Just remembe it IS still beta so its not going to be perfect. But all in all I think it does an ok job, granted there are some things that need to be fixed but again still beta. I also set ZD with Yahoo and I had no issues with it so I'm not sure why it would be giving you issues. (aside from the contacts not getting imported)
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    Quote Originally Posted by itsmepaul57 View Post
    only problem is it wont work with her login details!!
    Typing the full (or other domain?) Could you elaborate if there was an error displayed at the top of the page in red?

    Quote Originally Posted by itsmepaul57 View Post
    Also, why cant you import your contacts from yahoo or Gmail??????
    You should be able to import most of your Yahoo contacts (yes I realize this is a manual process but see the below): (or similar URL) > choose Yahoo! CSV (or Microsoft Outlook)

    Then open Zimbra Desktop > Preferences Tab > Address Book Tab > Import CSV.

    As IM contacts aren’t imported easily without field re-arrange I’ve filed Bug 30258 - Map Yahoo! fields to Zimbra fields on yahoo_ab.csv imports

    Remember this is a port of the server, so all of the services of course sync with ZCS - try out the hosted demo and you may just become a convert:

    We do have Yahoo integration planned as I mentioned above “(Note that some apps don’t sync to Yahoo! servers yet so the data is local.)” Yahoo IMAP access through Zimbra Desktop to all free accounts was the first step that we’ve added since Beta 1’s Plus IMAP access.

    Several methods to do so will become available shortly (from both Zimbra & Yahoo! ends of the spectrum) since those are internal RFE’s I’ve created Bug 30249 - offline : RFE for Yahoo! services intergration for you to watch & vote on (though it obviously has strategic value so we do in-fact plan to implement it). Zimbra is Open Source and we’re very pleased to see more Yahoo! members join our community. To understand how you can shape the future of what Zimbra is see: Open Source Product Management: How do features get into Zimbra? » Zimbra :: Blog

    For instance you may just want to open an RFE for simple one click contact imports from Yahoo Address Book on the Zimbra Desktop setup page; if you do post a link back here so that others can easily find and vote on it as well - we're community & customer driven - you have the reigns.

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