I installed Zimbra beta 3 which is the first Zimbra I've ever used and it appeared to be syncing fine, but it constantly told me I had new messages in my Inbox when there weren't any new messages there.

I also noticed that the message count for the Inbox folder was way off. If I hovered over the Inbox folder text in Yahoo Mail it said I had 63 messages, which was correct. If I did the same in Zimbra it said I had 149 messages which was wrong. The right pane only displayed the 63 messages which were in my Inbox. It showed message 1-63 at the top right of the messages list in message view and 1-62 in conversation view. The last is another bug since it should have said either 1-63 or if it's only counting conversations, something like 1-50.

Anyway I reset the account daya and it started to sync the Inbox again and I noticed that a number of messages that showed up in the Inbox were messages that I had already deleted earlier today via the Yahoo webmail interface. These messages are in the "Trash" folder. These messages remained in Zimbra's Inbox message list until I switched to a different folder and back and then they disappeared.

I found the same problem occurs with other folders from which I deleted messages that are still in the "Trash" folder. Since I filter my messages into different folders and subsequently delete most of them when I'm done, the total message count is off on many of my folders.

I tried syncing the "Trash" folder which lists the correct number of messages, but even after that the mail count on the other folders were still wrong. In fact the mail count on the Inbox went up because I had just deleted some more messages that came into my Inbox and after syncing zimbra includes these new "Trash" messages in the Inbox message count.

What's worse is that it's apparently counting one of the "Trash" messages as "unread" even though none of them are since the unread count on my Inbox is off by one.

I'm assuming this is not normal. Is there a way to fix this?