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Thread: Error - 'Couldn't read override.ini'

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    Question Error - 'Couldn't read override.ini'

    I get the above error when launching Zimbra on XP SP3. The only thing I did differently from the default was to place it in C:\Program Files rather than off of C:\. Is there a problem with user permissions?

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    "Known issue No. 1" is we don't support path with spaces.

    You'll have to do a clean uninstall first before retrying.

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    Thumbs down Nospaces?

    Is Zimbra written with MS-DOS 3 in mind?

    Is software devolving, along with central banking?

    What jj did not mention:

    Install Zimbra to C:\PROGRA~1, the 8.3 letter file name (MSDOS or Short file name) of C:\Program Files. There is an obscure ability to disable 8.3 filenames. If you have done a normal install of XPSP3, and have not specifically disabled 8.3 file names with Nlite or fsutil, then using C:\PROGRA~1 is OK.

    I mind not devolved central banking, we need to go out of criminally-backed interest bearing paper, and back, and forwards, to trading for real goods with currencies which do not charge interest. Software though..

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    Default error Wouldn't read override.ini in windows XP SP3

    I installed the Zimbra descktop, when i want run for configurate the first time send me the message Wouldn't read override.ini and i can't configure the zimbra desktop. I tried with 2 o tree diferent machines and I have the same error. I checked the file overrider.ini but i don't have proble for read or open. I don't untertand wath is the problem. somebody could help me please. Thanks

    I installed the Beta versión for windows and have the same error
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