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    Default POP3 question

    I do I get it to delete messages on the server after retrieving them...the little button under saying to do that is NOT clickable....and it is a pain to have to go back and dump the messages off my server constantly. Or what did I do wrong with the POP3 setup? TY

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    Welcome to the forums,

    We have this intentionally disabled/grayed out till there's a simpler backup method to export MIME (the message content) & Metadata (folder location/read status/tags/flags/etc) with the GUI. It can be quite frighting how many people don't understand that if they don't maintain their personal machines/or worse loose a laptop their mail is then gone. We realize that the technical minded people out there understand - but determined we'd rather not run the risk. Perhaps a 2nd 'are you sure?' prompt will be implemented before the backup is so we can turn that feature back on - as I do realize there are legitimate reasons & people out there with limited quotas.

    Backup solutions for now include:

    Copying the entire zdesktop/store/ folder at the minimum & really should grab the entire zdesktop/ folder + keep a copy of that version's installer handy.

    Or you can grab all items by localhost:7633/service/home/~/?fmt=zip&query=is:anywhere (replace ~ with if you have more than one account)

    We build REST access into everything:
    REST update » Zimbra :: Blog
    Building Web Services the REST Way

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