Im trying to move my company (30+ employees) to Zimbra but im beta testing myself first. Ive installed Zimbra Desktop and for the life of me there are a few things that are frusting the heck out of me (and keeping me from wanting to deploy more installments)

- Ive installed in a new download of ZD to both my laptop and pc at work. In both cases, NO MESSAGES EVER APPEAR IN THE SENT FOLDER. Obviously i need any sent mail to appear in the sent folder. PLEASE HELP!

- Is there a spell checker on this thing? Can i add a spell checker to ZD? I cant deploy this large scale if not.

- I cant seem to make hyperlinks active in emails i send - even though I am in HTML mode and am sending a fresh message - the links never appear as links?

The Sent mail folder is the biggest issue by far but the other problems could be deal breakers too, please help, anyone!