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    I need to know the following so I can make a decision on going forward with zimbra. Here is the following question I need to know. Please help me answer as much as possible. I greatly appreicated any input.

    • Features
    o I understand there is a Zimbra eMail and a Zimbra collaboration suite; what are the differences
    o What is included in the services
    o Mobile features: iPohone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile

    • Management Services
    o What do they do and what do we have to do?
    o What is the service level agreement?
    o Data centers and redundancy, where are they located ?

    • Implementation
    o Can we implement incrementally and how would that work?

    • Cost
    o What are the set-up costs?
    o Cost per mailbox

    • Company
    o How many customers to they have?
    o Who are there references?
    o How many employees do they have?
    o What other services, applications, etc. do they provide?

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    Those questions would be best answerd by a member of the Sales Team, please address you request to You'll also find pricing details here:

    Zimbra Collaboration Suite is the only product, it's a mail server and collaboration suite in one package. There are some customers listed on the first page of the main website at you'll also find product feature comparisons here:


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