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    so if i am not mistaken, when i enable my yahoo account using zimbra desktop, some data (email) is downloaded locally so that i can work on it while disconnected from the internets. that's very nice. my question is, is this data encrypted so that if i lose my laptop someone can't simply open the files and read let's say email addresses? my personal email has a lot of messages from my banks etc etc and if these emails are to be stored locally i want to know they are safe.

    thank you very much!! zimbra has made me fall in love with email once again!!

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    Welcome to the forums,

    Vote for this RFE: Bug 14713 -encrypt offline messages

    Based on feedback I've seen, even though you can still find/search the store folder on disk, some want Bug 27005 - Prompt for password in offline client (for zimbra/non zimbra accounts) done earlier anyways - even without encryption behind it yet - as someone dropping by and navigating the store isn't as 'easy' as opening Zimbra Desktop.

    Current best practice is to set a platform/operating system level password (at login/screensaver), OS encryption or storage/disk encryption. (Should your platform not have anything built-in you might use the open source TrueCrypt to encrypt the entire partition for example.)

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    @mmorse: thanks for the information. it answered my question. i'm on windows so trying to put a password on a folder/file is useless.

    i read the bugs and i hope they come to be features of zimbra at some point. i came across zimbra because it "brings offline access to webmail" and i think it's obvious that webmail="safely stored somewhere other than my laptop or a flat file", hence zimbra should have strong security features. i think.


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