I have a few problems regarding Zimbra Desktop.

1) I don't seem to be able to work offline! What I mean is if I start up my laptop offline and open Zimbra Desktop things work OK. Mail I write cannot be sent but ends up in the Outbox; good! But If I disconnect the network cable Zimbra Desktop stalls and continually informs that it could not connect to the server.

2) I cannot get Zimbra Desktop to synchronize the calendar with the server. Bookings made online are not reflected on the Desktop and vise versa.

3) Also I discovered a simular problem with E-mail. Mail sent from the Desktop does not show up in the Sent folder. Not in either Desktop or Web client. Mail sent from the Web client shows up in both clients.

In all cases I have clicked on the respective Sychronization button.

We are using Zimbra server (Collaboration suite) on Ubuntu as our mail server.

Has anybody experienced these problems and have a fix for them?