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Thread: Zimbra Desktop to Webmail Sync

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    Default Zimbra Desktop to Webmail Sync


    I am hoping someone can shed some light on this for us. How can I sync Zimbra Desktop's and Webmail.

    We are finding:

    • Calenders
    • Contacts
    • Tasks
    • Briefcase
    • Preferences

    Example: If we add a calender event in Zimbra Desktop it wont appear in the Webmail..

    is this standard?

    Thanks for your help..


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    Welcome to the forums,

    When you say Webmail are you talking about against a Zimbra server (everything should sync - force it by clicking 'get mail' which is renamed 'send/receive' in future versions) or Yahoo etc (just mail should sync) ?

    If so what's your ZCS version?
    su - zimbra
    zmcontrol -v
    Or type the following in the AJAX web-client main search bar:
    $set:get version

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    Default Similar Briefcase issue

    I am having a similar issue to the above question. I have found that when I upload a Briefcase document(s) on the Desktop client, the web version does not update. And vice versa. I have selected "refresh" on both the desktop / webmail. The info for the Desktop client / Webmail is as follows. Thanks.

    Client Version: 0.0
    Client Release: build
    Build Date: 20090522-2302

    Client Version: 5.0.2_GA_1975.RHEL5
    Client Release: 20080130221917
    Build Date: 20080130-2225

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